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Société canadienne des sciences pharmaceutiques

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Welcome to the Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences (CSPS)

Dear Colleagues,

As I commence my Presidency, I want to acknowledge the luminaries of our past including all the Presidents and board members who have contributed their time and efforts over the years. The mission, vision, and central tenets of CSPS were left to us by those with aspirational dreams for this society. They recognized not only what pharmaceutical science was required for the day, but also how to prepare for the decades ahead. They also understood that progress can only happen because of change. We have each of their shoulders to stand on; rising higher, using their collective foresight and leadership to go forth and do great things!

In 2022, we welcome a number of new directors to the board including Dr. Abbie Collier, Dr. Amyn Sayani, Dr. Risini Weeratna and Jack Bufton (our new Trainee Representative). We look forward to working together with them on the board and with all of our members to promote excellence in research, innovation and training in pharmaceutical sciences.

2022 is indeed a special year for us as it marks the silver jubilee of The Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences. We will celebrate this historic achievement at the 25th annual symposium together in Toronto. The annual symposium conference is where cutting edge pharmaceutical science in Canada and beyond is presented, exchanged and discussed and brings us together to celebrate our achievements. In the past 25 years we have had exceptional symposium across Canada from Vancouver, Banff, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. This past year we adapted and had a very successful virtual symposium based out of CSPS Western Headquarters in Edmonton. Over the years we have welcomed the world and effectively collaborated and partnered with several other societies and organizations in Canada and in Japan co-sponsoring a variety of symposia and events.

I am extremely proud of the evolution of the CSPS organization over the years. Together we have developed a prominent journal the Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences ( which is the original open-access journal in the field. We have also developed excellent workshops often in a true partnership with Health Canada, and our CSPS Young Scientist Network events and virtual community coffee meetings are also thriving. CSPS has also developed a first-class awards program that recognizes the achievements and accomplishments of our members and trainees. Furthermore, we have recently developed the Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences Foundation where each of you and our industry sponsors can donate online to further our collective efforts and initiatives uplifting us to reach our full potential. Canadian Pharmaceutical Sciences Foundation | Charity Profile | Donate Online | Canadahelps

The past-two years of the COVID-19 pandemic may have kept us physically distanced but in fact it has also brought us closer together. The importance and significance of having supportive and thriving Pharmaceutical Sciences within Canada has never been clearer. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies have all stepped-up and emerged to face our public health challenges head on. Manufacturing of pharmaceuticals within Canada is now beginning to receive significant investment from governments, and the private sector. At CSPS our prevailing ideas, our ongoing drive and contemporary commitment and plans have begun in earnest towards a goal of thriving pharmaceutical science research and training within Canada. Pharmaceutical sciences remain the life-blood of our Faculties and the hands of many are driving its innovation. In our educational curriculums, the importance of the pharmaceutical underpinnings and knowledge of pharmacist trainees and our graduate student trainees remains critical. The imperative of pharmaceutical science to our health is apparent in the daily mainstream media and the demand for vaccines and critical drug supply chain issues will require further made in Canada solutions and investments.

Over the years we have nurtured and developed CSPS, at times we have resuscitated it and we are now currently entering a renaissance period of Pharmaceutical Sciences within Canada. From discovery to recovery, we and our network of allies have developed treatments and vaccines for SARS-COVID-2. Foundational pharmaceutical research and development and collaboration defines CSPS and continues to show demonstrable outcomes. CSPS is ready and poised to lead as we enter into a new era of health-care with novel drug delivery systems, biologics, devices, pharmacogenomics, vaccines and diagnostics at the forefront to improve the health of humanity here in Canada.

In 2022, our silver-lining within this pandemic is that we will be able to meet again in person and I am excited to shake every one’s hand and join in hosting our 25th CSPS Symposium Events in Toronto. Once again, the symposium will include an outstanding pharmaceutical sciences scientific program with world class scientists and industry leaders as well as trainee poster presentations. This is a very exciting time for CSPS and I look forward to your collective and continued participation.



Neal Davies, BSc(Pharm), PhD, FCAHS, R.Ph.
President CSPS