Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences
Société canadienne des sciences pharmaceutiques

2022 Poster Submissions

The following posters have been submitted for the 2022 CSPS/CC-CRS Symposium:



AlRawashdeh, Sara  – Computational approaches towards the rational design of rescue drugs for hERG mutations

Chakraborty, Aishik – Tough bioadhesive nanoparticle-incorporated gelatin-based cryogels for biomedical applications

Gauvin, Jade  – Investigating the anti-atherosclerotic effects of a cyclic azapeptide, MPE-298, ligand of CD36/SR-B2 in hypercholesterolemic apolipoprotein E-deficient mice

Guzman, David – Theophylline formulation inhibits oxidative damage activation and may ameliorate OVA-Induced Allergic Airway Inflammation in Mouse Balb/c Model

Ige, Olufola  – Measuring the Activity of Histone Lysine Methyltransferases in Enzymatic Assays Using LC-MS/MS

Isse, Fadumo – 17-(R/S)-Hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid (HETE) increases the transcription of CYP1B1 and allosterically increases its catalytic activity

Ketabat, Farinaz – Development of three-dimensional myocardium as an alternative to heart transplant

Liu, Yiheng – Myeloperoxidase-mediated toxicity of the industrial contaminant, 6-PPD, in vitro

Luo, Wenxia – Metabolomic methods of quantifying DNA methylation and other modified DNA bases in cancer cell lines using LC-MS/MS

Moni, Mukta Pharmacological Blocking of Interleukin-1ß Signaling Pathway Reduces Amyloid-Induced ß-Cell Toxicity in Human Islets

Mosa, Farag – Computational modeling to predict the interactions of different aryl hydrocarbon receptor modulators bound to its PAS-B domain

Nesr, Samar H. – Sex-Specific Differences in Rat Cardiac Cytochrome P450 levels

Ringuette, Joanie – Preparation and Characterization of Phenyl 4‐(2-Oxoimidazolidin-1- yl)benzenesulfonate Amino Acid Salt Prodrugs as New Water-Soluble Antimitotic Agents: Proof of Principle

Sangha, Vishal – Protective Effects of Pyrroloquinoline Quinone in Folate-Deficient Glial Cells

Tabana, Yasser – Studying the mechanism of action of a potent small molecule immunomodulator

Toma, Lilian – Investigating a Class of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids as Potential Inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 Host Cell Entry

Tran, Newton – The Oxidation of Arylamine Fenamate Compounds by Neutrophil Myeloperoxidase Produces Toxic Reactive Metabolites

Trinh, Vivien – Ethanol-initiated oxidative DNA damage in Brca1 knockout mice

Van Bavel, Nicolas – Assessing the potential impact of vape additives on lung surfactant model systems



Abdulla, Dalya – A Qualitative Study Examining Older Adult Usage of Complementary and Alternative Medications for Cognitive Health

Chandok, Akshita – A Survey of Canadian Pharmacists’ Knowledge and Comfort in the Management of Epilepsy and Antiepileptic Drugs

Dayes, LaurenAssociation between COVID-19 and mental health and coping responses of family/friend caregivers of residents in assisted living in Alberta and British Columbia

London, Meagan – Evaluation and clinical impact of a pharmacist-led, interdisciplinary service focusing on education, monitoring, and toxicity management of immune checkpoint inhibitors

Perry, Olivia –  Quantification of Neurovasculature Changes in a Post-Hemorrhagic Stroke Animal-Model

Swanson, Idaylia – Building Community-based Medication Practices for a Self-Governing Remote Indigenous Community



Alwani, Saniya – Smart nanodiamonds as carriers for gene therapy: Introducing pH sensitivity in carrier design to modulate intracellular gene transfer by diamoplexes

Ayad, Mouna – Stability studies of commercial corticosteroid suspensions

Bao, Zeqing – Towards Data-Driven Development of Polymeric Long-Acting Injectables

Bufton, Jack – Comparing the in vitro performance of cross-linked to conventional polyester microparticles

Dikpati, Amrita  – Ensuring safety of polymeric nanoparticles via biodegradation and elimination studies

Dong, Sihan – Machine learning-facilitated optimization of nano-drug formulations

Hassanpour, Nahid – Tunning surface-surface interaction by using a non-invasive method

Jama, Maryam – A Computational Study of the interaction of SHP-2 Allosteric Inhibitors: Comparing the Wildtype SHP2 to Activating Mutant SHP-2

Lip, Ho Yin – Polymer-Lipid Manganese Dioxide Nanoparticles Amplify Radiation Therapy-Induced Anti-tumor Immune Response in a Syngeneic Breast Tumor Model

Luna, Ismat – Computational Insight into the Molecular Interactions between the TIR Domain of TLR4 and its Antagonists

Marple, April – Multivalent T-Cell Engagers for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Mehinrad, Parnian – Repurposing Pyronaridine as a novel inhibitor of heterodimeric ERCC1-XPF DNA endonuclease complex for targeted sensitization of colorectal cancer to platinum-based chemotherapeutics

Mohammadi, Ramin – Development and characterization of emulsion-based immunoadjuvant nanovaccines

Nasrullah, Mohammad – Lipid-substituted polyethylenimine conjugate mediated STAT5A siRNA reduces the growth of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in vivo

Park, Chulhun – Inclusion cyclodextrin complex of cannabinoids: A promising option for improving physicochemical properties and biological performance

Regenold, Maximilian – Triggered Release of Vinorelbine from Thermosensitive Liposomes

Szames, Daniel – Peptide-Mediated Mitochondrial Delivery of Temozolomide for Evading Cellular Resistance Mechanism

Tyagi, Anoushka – Extraction, Isolation and Characterization of Novel Active Constituents from a Medicinal Plant Source

Wang, Jin  – Human Dermal Fibroblast- Derived Exosomes and application to wound healing

Wang, Xuehan Heat-triggered delivery of synergistic chemotherapies in murine models of breast cancer

Wasan, Kishor – Evaluating the in vitro Efficacy of Antiviral Therapeutics Against SARS-CoV-2

Wasan, Kishor – Efficacy of Potential Antiviral Therapeutics Against SARS-CoV-2 in Mice

Yousef, MalazIn-vitro Model to Forecast the Lymphatic Uptake/Inhibition of Drugs via Chylomicrons

Zhao, Yusheng – Novel Amide Derivatives as Modulators of Amyloid-Beta Aggregation

Zuo, Jieyu – In vitro study of a foamable microemulsion for improved topical delivery of diclofenac sodium



Al Nebaihi, Hamdah – Pharmacokinetics of cycloheximide in rats and evaluation of its effect as a blocker of intestinal lymph absorption

Alqahtani, Mohammed – Modulation of NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase 1 by Methylmercury in Mouse Hepatoma Hepa1c1c7 cells

Blouin, Mathieu  – Towards a new era of vancomycin therapeutic monitoring : external evaluation of population pharmacokinetics models in pediatrics

Doerksen, Michael  – Investigating murine sex and strain differences in kidney microsomal and cytosolic scaling factors

Elghiaty, Mahmoud – Down-regulation of cytochrome P450 1A1 (CYP1A1) by arsenic trioxide (ATO) in human hepatoma (HepG2) cells

Le, CatherineIntracellular Disposition of the CD36 Scavenger ReceptoR

Parvin, Shamima – Use of Bayesian forecasting to estimate the pharmacokinetic parameters of ropivacaine in the rat

Yeung, Pollen – Effect of doxorubicin, diltiazem or losartan on metabolism and catabolism of guanosine 5’-triphosphate in red blood cell in rats

Zimmer, Austin – Development of Liver Microsomal and Cytosolic Scaling Factors For Female Yucatan Minipigs