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Pharma Medica Research PK Scientist Award – Poster Award

No longer offered.

Plaque and a monetary award of $1,000, to recognize the best poster presentation by a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow in the area of pharmacokinetics.

2013 Recipient:

Kali Bachtold, University of Saskatchewan
Pharmacokinetics of Tulathromycin, A Macrolide Antibiotic, in North-American Bison Following Mass Spectrometric Analysis

Biovail Contract Research Award of Excellence – Poster Award

No longer offered.

Previous Recipients:

Clement Mugabe, University of British Columbia

In vivo Evaluation of Mucoadhesive Docetaxel for Intravesical Treatment of Nonmuscle-invasive Bladder Cancer

Marwa Elsherbiny, University of Alberta

The Effect of CYP1A Induction on Amiodarone Disposition in the Rat

Dalia Hamdy, University of Alberta

Nonlinear Stereospecific Pharmacokinetics of Ketoconazole in Rat after Oral Administration of Racemate

Dalia Hamdy, University of Alberta

Hyperlipidemia Causes an Increase in the Electrophysiological Effects of Amiodarone

Jubo Liu, University of Toronto

Pharmacokinetics and Biodistribution Profiles of the Micelle Forming Block Copolymer Poly (ethylene glycol)-block-Poly(caprolactone) Following Systemic Administration

Ali Aghazadeh-Habashi, University of Alberta

Gelucire 44/14 Improves Bioavailability of Neusllin-Loaded Meloxicam by Substantially Increasing Solubility

Spencer Ling, University of Alberta
Effect of Early Arthritis on Hepatic Cyp Enzymes and Pharmacokinetics of Verapamil: A New Approach to the Use of an Animal Model of Inflammation for Pharmacokinetic Studies